Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Shipping Dates!

With all the blog entries rolling over each other and new developments all over the place (more good than bad) I felt it was time to post a new schedule. Finally! So here is the new calender starting today June 28th, which I think you will find it as amazing as I do! So much better than before.

SO! Without further ado:

Shipping dates are now every Monday AND now every Thursday!!!

Convos will be also have their own schedule as I have sorted out a fantastic arrangement with a computer to have access for two hours every Sunday and Wednesday without fail. An airtight arrangment. So all convos will now be answered promptly according to this schedule. Very, very exciting stuff. At least for me anyways! I also am in talks to have a booth every Sunday at St. Phillips, specific details announced later.

Shipping: Mondays and Thursdays
Convos and other computer related access: Sundays

That's all, loves!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updates, Notices, Notes of Important and Unimportant matters but best of all..

The countdown is officially on! Only two more weeks and my next interstate move will be in full swing. I was getting really sick of this limbo situation too. Sick is a polite and graceful understatment by the way.
In that time I will finally have access to a computer! And hopefully a new one for me as well and all will be right in the jungle again. As much as I adore a world upside down and inside out, when it's literally upside down and electronics fade away it causes much misery. So much so I think I have to be making a bigger deal out of it than it is right? But then my gut wrenches and that sour look spreads across my face. Hm. Sourpuss.

But only two more weeks! Woo-hoo!!!!

Also, despite my limited access to emails, accounts and general internetness I still have kept my promise and am going strong on the "Painting a day, the Speedracer Way"! I knew there was a way to incorporate some flow.

I haven't uploaded all the photographs but since Sunday, when the 1/100 was created, I haven't wavered since. Here are a few that I do have access to at the moment: Numbers 2, 3 and 4. Hopefully soon I can post the results of 5, 6 and 7.

Wow, this is harder than I thought it would be. But I said I would post no matter what the results! On the upswing, I have already learned my first lesson.

I don't paint enough.

Just the five measly minutes a day feels like a dramatic increase from before and while I already truly felt like a chicken with it's head cut off from all the tasks demanded of me, if I noticed that much of an increase from just this little project? I'm much too much too far behind.

Number 2/100, Bed of Roses
Number 3/100, Memories of the Dead

Number 4/100, Unknown for Eternity

I think after this is over, I'll re-attempt the project and grant myself an hour for each painting a day session. Half an hour at LEAST.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Painting A' Day -- Speed Painting!

Like ultimate frisbee or demolition roller derby, I'm joining the ranks of the ultimate in the painting a'day sport. Combining speed and agility, alertness and extreme focal aptitude, a little blood and more sweat; Speed painting! So speed painting meets one a day... it's a... help me out here. I know there's a funny name in there somewhere.

For 100 days, one painting a day with a limit of five minutes or under. Once that timer dings, brushes down! So even more incentive since it's also a requirement to make public of these results. Yeah, I'm totally making up the rules as I go but still this is it so far. First rule of speedpaintingadayV100 is... no addendums. Ooh it's so like fight club.

Here's number 1/100:

Yes, they all start as silly lil' things but who knows what they will morph into? Imagination's run wild thinking about comparing one to one hundred. And a bit of pressure because we'll in all likelyhood we'll all probably end up watching a de-evolution here. Stay tuned folks!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Frames Going up For Sale at S&S this evening..

Some of the new frames going up this evening at S&S!

Golden Virtue

Zombie Heart

Foiled Again

There is also much news regarding one of my most favorite galleries in the U.S... but more will be announced later! Yes, I have to keep you in the waiting. But you'll like it wont you.

In order news (no puns intended): all have been fully caught up and finished. Even a few shipped earlier than announced as I opted for adding a new postal day today as opposed to waiting for Monday this week. Hopefully it will be a permanent addition but until things slow down I won't be positive that I can work it out. Now that everybody is out, I can focus on a few custom orders and some panels I have that I positioned to stare at me each morning. Some Antoinette Muertos paintings, some sacred heart paintings, some more galaxy paintings, so many I am fluttering even now thinking about getting to it. But! I can't say much more.. those close to me know of the stalker copiers I've had on my tail the last few years so until they are ready to list I can't give any more details! I'm sorry my pets but it's how it goes.

I also picked up a book today at the bookstore and with all this mention of Dali one might mistake me for a fanatatic. For good measure I should probably stop by a peepshow to balance out the culture.

Dali & I, written by a man who has made his life of Dali. Selling, buying, even money laundering as well as forgery in Dali and immitation Dali works. He found himself actually living next to the man in the artist's later life years in the Catalonian Hills. The book jacket talks about how he learned Dali's secret history, the studio of artists who produced his work and much more intimate details of the behaviours of Dali and many details the public isn't aware of. I hope it's not just talk of his rivalry and maddening jealousy of Picasso as that's a "secret" well published these days. Either way it looks like a good read! We'll find out...

And in looking for the book jacket image, apparently a movie comes out in 2011 with this same title as a companion to this very book. Even Pacino has signed on...

While I argue with those who say in all aspects Pacino is a poor choice, I think the one thing he has going for him is physically that's an actor I would buy in that role. Sure, there are definite differences but visually I can dig it. But can you imagine the dialogue? .... I'll give it a moment.. Although another necessary aspect they have in common is their... grittiness I'll say. Think of Pacino in all his roles, especially those not well known. This is an attribute he has fined tuned in bringing when a role calls for it. For any of you familiar with Dali beyond the work he did, it's very easy to see how Pacino could really bring across who and what the man was. All in all I'm pretty excited to see if they bring the justice most art films do not. I actually have very high hopes!

And to close, a great quote I found that can sum it all up:
George Orwell once remarked that ‘one ought to be able to hold in one’s head simultaneously the two facts: that DalĂ­ is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being, the one does not invalidate the other.’

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The meaning of handmade.

Pondering the meaning of handmade. My friend and partner in crime was recently interviewed for and among others was asked what handmade means to her. What it is? What is at the heart of this handmade movement?

Her answer:

"The handmade movement is so many things. When I got into school as a kid I was surprised at how many people didn’t wear clothes their parents made. Now I’m surprised at how many people just don’t know how to sew even a small seam together. The handmade movement is about self reliance, giving back to the community, reducing our carbon footprint, and finding something really unique. Bath and body products are actually good for our skin and don’t need to use alcohol or petroleum. Fiber artists, seamstresses, and quilters don’t throw anything away and recycle everything. Toy makers made toys that expand kids imaginations, batteries not included or even needed! Woodworkers can show off their talents and creativity without answering to anyone. Artists don’t have to know someone to get somewhere! The freedom and customizability of the handmade movement is something you can’t find in any department store or toy store or furniture store. You can only find it in the living rooms, studios, kitchens, and garages of the men and women in your community."

I agree, most notably with:

The handmade movement is about self reliance, giving back to the community, reducing our carbon footprint, and finding something really unique.

But I want to add a little bit to this genius.

To me the handmade movement is so much more than about being crafty and learning your way around a wood block or a glue gun. So much now that is mass produced and manufactured is strategically advertised to appeal to the sensibilitiesAdd Image of desperation, inadequacy and a false desire for things that we don't truly need but crave because of celebrity or well trained promoter influence. To me this movement is about getting back to the core of beauty and necessity. Answering for ourselves what we do and don't need and not for reasons of false fulfilment but because we truly love them. There is so much love put into handmade while there is so much greed put into the new toy with the "must have upgrade" that breaks within a week. This movement is about our individual pursuits, skills, talents and desires. There is nothing like creating something from nothing. Holding the finished product of what never was and now is sprouted from your imagination and mind. We can explore, we can do and we answer to ourselves and need no permission to do so. We provide and create and grow. It is about individuals in seed and then sprouted it is about the interconnectivity of those individuals. The movement is about no longer looking from without, but looking from and to within.

And you get to make kickass stuff you can't find anywhere else. That's always a bonus.

Just a midnight munchie for thought which should never be done under the influences. Well for me, for you all it's probably the best time since you all have a better chance of reading some real gems. But not this time you naughty monkies! (Yes, I seriously love that show. Call me a loser, I probably am for loving it but I laugh my ass off at least once per show. Sometimes twice ;) )

My friend and I were discussing the Dali quote "I am drugs" and when that same gal asked tonight how much wine I had to drink I responded with "I am wine." So there you have it.

What does the handmade movement mean to you?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New loot!

Hello, all my lovlies!

New loot in the shop:
Check it check it yo

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blips of announcement and business meeting points...

Well first off all, the headlining news is that I have recieved some amazing entries to the rockabilly mama painting "contest"! Beyond excited for that and if you haven't recieved your email back CONTACT ME AGAIN! I have sent them all out but want to make sure all have recieved their replies. Some of you have had some amazing ideas, like the friend duo. I imagine that like a thelma and louise! Complete with revolvers. Ahh yes. But of course that's just me, it can go either way. Others are requests from amazing people I have met through the interwebs and etsy and due to that am just as excited to recieve their pictures to evaluate as well.

The main reason for the blip of a blog is to make the formal announcement (well actually it would be the second formal announcement, the first was on the HouseofSugar homepage almost two weeks ago) regarding the shipping situation. As most of you know and as the others I hope have taken note of, the priority shipping transfer has gone into effect!

To summarize, I announced changes to shipping that provided to be disasterous. I shipped a package to Texas, just two states over from where I currently am residing at, and it took ONE MONTH to arrive. One MONTH! And didn't arrive in the best condition. So I am sorry to say that from now on, unless you are purchasing papergoods, priority mail and above are the only options I will provide. I can not and will not and refuse and over my dead body will I try the media and parcel methods again. Severely disappointed and distraught over what some of my babies went through as well as if not more so what some of my customers went through.

So from now on, only priority mail and above (such as overnight) is provided. I apologize now for the increase in prices but it has to be done if I want to get any sleep at night! Monday shipping is still in effect however I am going to try to work in another shipping day if my budget allows (I am currently 45 minutes to the nearest post office... one way. Wowzas).

So there is your formal announcement announcement folks!

Keep the rockabilly mama emails coming you bombshells, you!
(And keep pestering me if you didn't recieve your emails back. I won't mind. In fact I'll be a glutton for punishment and welcome it. Yes. Bring it!)

PSS. (Yes I am aware that is not the correct term for a post post script, script.) I have yet to fix my computer that crashed due to an overwelcomed very nasty relative (gr) so public is still my only means of communication. Hopefully soon because this once every other day for the maximum of thirty minutes is not enough! Communication will still be slow, even slower than usual, but take solace knowing that I am thinking about you and the addiction that is etsy literally every single hour. Including dreams, true story.

Here are some prints I found off the most amazing free-right vintage medical and offity illustration site the other day. I literally did two runs through the house skipping, screaming and asking everyone I knew if it was Christmas:

I hope to put them to good use by casing them in resin against the frames and hopefully much more. That's as far as I've gotten with ideas but any are welcome! There's free loot in it for yah too.. just to mention... nudging nuding....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling all Rockabilly Mamas & Bombshell Babes!

Sorry, gals only this time around!

So I have been itching to do another Sanctus Betty, but this time around the itching has been to incorporate some of the fellow Etsians. So here's the deal, if you've ever wanted an ORIGINAL self-portrait of yourself (hey, it's not self indulgant at all, you're sharing and immortalizing your hot self in rockabilly form.. and if it was? Well so what. I'm always narcissistic in the mornings) then send me your pics!!!
All it will cost is the materials and shipping, $50.00!

And you'll get an original painting like Miss Betty here:

Taken directly from your pictures. Totally customizable and despite the need for the recession sale, worth upwards of $400+. So let's do this! It's something I've been wanting to do for a while so if you're interested, email me those shots and let's get to work on the details!

Can't wait! Itch itch twitch twitch.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Storming blogs across the web is light graffiti

..and I find it to be pretty damn baby-kicking amazing.

Straight out of Norway, Lightmark is a truly remarkable collection of stunning scenery, time lapse photography and a couple of insanely talented lads running around in the dark with light sources (torches doesn't sound technical enough!) Their "light drawings" are absolutely magical at a glance, but upon closer inspection many of the concentric loops, glittery sparkles and simple strokes are actually mimicking and responding to the landscape. Utter perfection!

Next up is Lichtfaktor - Graffiti durch Licht! These guys are ill. sick. dope. BOSS! (When's the last time you heard that one?) It puts the trend of tagging with LEDS to shame. TO SHAME!

German lads Lichtfaktor have been using similar techniques in their "light writing" experiments. Their aesthetic has a distinct graffiti edge, and although the stills of their work are impressive enough, their work is best experienced through their extended exposure/stop motion films.

How is it done? to get the best results a tripod is needed. The exposure should be around 10-30 sec. or longer if needed. Stay in front of the camera and do your writing with the different light sources. To not overexpose, the camera should be set to about iso100, and the aperture closed as much as possible. If there is still too much light, a nd-filter (neutral density) might be needed. And a useful tip: it is always nice to integrate the surroundings into the picture.

The toolkit consists of a collection of flashlights, biking-lights, flashing LED lights, fireworks & torches and even more sophisticated equipment. (Fireworks?! Oh now we're talking. Roman candles? The little tanks that shoot out sparks? Razzle dazzle snazzle. I like it.)
Lichtfaktor uses three different types: xenon, which creates a warm golden light; LED, which produces a thin precise line; and cold cathode, which gives a thick line. The best results are achieved by experimenting, including using filters and objects that reflect light.

A little behind the scenes peek:

Leave it up to the Europeans and the Norwegian to pull these stunts.

Some of the best work I've seen lately has either come from Germany, France, Scotland or Norway. A trend is coming...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Mini Paintings in Shop!

With many more to come. All four newly listed!
All handcrafted from start to finish including frames.

Live. Get out there and LIVE.
Sinner. Are you a sinner or a saint?
Thrive. Thrive, regardless of season or circumstance.
Saint. Are you a saint or a sinner?

Next up?


Medium Rectangle Filigree Frames measure 4" X 3" each.

And a photograph I took not five minutes ago. Two bees, complete mirrors of one another in flowers that mirrored each other. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately by the time I grabbed my camera, I got one shaded shot and spooked them. Even in this picture you can slightly see the right as he minics the left. Wouldn't these have been badass shots?