Monday, February 2, 2009

The House of Sugar Psychic & Other Occult Insight

Tarot & Other Lovely Things

It’s no secret I have love for all things of the occult. I find it fascinating, drawing and charming. Yes, you heard me. Some find cape cod cottages charming and Kincaid villages charming while I get that same fuzzy feeling when looking at century old libraries and museum back room cabinets.
Most those who know me have been on at least one psychic run with me in which for an entire night, or week if there’s the obligations of responsibility and sensible hours involved, of visiting psychics.
I find it unbeatable on it’s level of fun, entertainment, intrigue and thrill. Not to mention, you never know when you’re going to stumble on one who brings goose bumps up your spine. … Or one who says she knows you’re a prostitute whose boyfriend is cheating on her and that‘ll be $100 more dollars to tell you with whom. (True story and needless to say she was wrong correct? This is not THAT kind of blog as I am not THAT kind of lady thankyaverymuch.)

I do believe there is such thing as a real psychic. I also know there are more phonies then legits but that doesn’t mean I have to go around being a sourpuss about it. So in this spirit of oddity cabinets, the great zorbo, all seeing eyes, evil eyes, gypsies and all things that go bump in the night, welcome to the mystic blog.

So understandably, in my dabbling and pursuing of this, there are a few of these gypsies that have stuck with me either in memory or literally have stayed with me throughout my life as deeply respected friends.
Miss Scarlett is one of them. When I found out she was going to be joining the Etsy community I was tickled pink and had to introduce her to you. She sits on the team of those who are some of the most legit I have come across in my travels and also one of the most insightful both personally and from within her cards.

(How fantastic is that name by the way?) I also couldn’t believe what bargains and all the different tarot readings available. One would expect to be disappointed by a long distance reading, let alone an over-the-internet long distance reading but no, sir. I can gurantee that. I stole a minute of her time to gret the low down on her new diggs and here's what our local Irish Gypsy Psychic had to say:
What do you think of when you hear the term psychic? And do you consider yourself one?

Miss Scarlett: When I hear psychic I think of people that can predict the future and feel the past. These people have a talent to be able to feel, without aid, the resonance of time and be able to translate it into pictures and smells and sounds... I am NOT a psychic. I see dead people occasionally, but could I tell you what killed them? Helllll no.

I see. So everyone’s interpretation of the word is varied, it’s become a grab bag of meanings depending on how much one delves into and familiarizing themselves with the spiritual. Do you ever let your own feelings interfere with what the cards are telling you? Do you ever put your own two cents in?

Miss Scarlett: I think the cards are pretty good at pin-pointing what is going on so generally I don't put my two cents in. Sometimes I'll direct people to resources, like the American Heart Association, with health problems, but overall the cards always cover it and I resist my natural inclination to tell everyone what to do.

How long have you felt yourself have this gift? Or be more inclined towards it than the average bear?

Miss Scarlett: I've seen ghosts since I was really little... like five? As far as reading cards... my Mom bought me my first deck and I was just reading things for fun. After playing around with it I started realizing how bloody accurate the cards were and then I knew how much I had to be careful (Don't want to ask the wrong thing the wrong questions, proper opening and closing ceremonies, the whole nine yards). And I've been doing the readings ever since. I've been reading for at least five years now and going strong. Now I do it because I really like to help people. This is insight beyond that grey area intertwinned with people's points of view. It's completely unbiased and completely head on. A lot of readers will charge a dollar a minute spent on a reading and I usually spend about fifteen minutes on a three card reading. I don't technically feel that the cards predict the future, but they reveal possibilities and sometimes they help us look at a situation in a way you hadn't done before.

Is there an oath like with priest and doctors? Or are they more like guidelines? Can you divulge what happened with another person in a reading?

Miss Scarlett: I have a sort of code of conduct... I know some people won't read for themselves, its supposedly bad juju, but if I do read for myself (which I don't very often) I do it to give me another prospective. After having the cards tell me about a few break-ups I kinda realized I just don't want to know. As far as telling other people about people readings, it's like being a doctor. I will sometimes discuss a set of cards with a friend because she's a badass at symbolism and when I'm getting mixed readings she helps to clarify (she and I are pretty linked mentally and emotionally. Occasionally we'll empath so I know she knows what I'm talking about). I will NEVER divulge a persons name or screen name to anyone. PERIOD. If you want to know a few of my clients you can always look in the feedback, but that's crazy nosey.

Bummer. I was going to ask what was the craziest question you’ve been asked. Now that would be great blog reading. Can you just make something up? What about the craziest response the cards have given you?

Miss Scarlett: I've never really gotten a crazy question. Its always about break-ups and health and such. I'm still waiting for one though so bring me your best!

Why did you decide to join Etsy and why are your prices so damn affordable?

Miss Scarlett: I decided to join Etsy as a tarot reader because, as an Etsy shopper, I saw there were people doing readings and I'm a poor starving college student so I figured "What the heck! Make a little cash, help a few people, and have a cool college story to tell the nieces and nephews about!" As far as why my prices are cheap? I don't necessarily like charging people for help, but since there's "Tarot Insurance" I figure I can just read, help people, and get a little bit for the time I put into it. I just like helping people... which sounds cheesy, but you'll just have to trust me on this one. Also! I started a "Frequent Flier" program (yes, it was supposed to be a witch pun) where if you buy $25 dollars in readings you get a three card reading free! I keep track of it right now on my own... I may have to set up an excel spread sheet eventually *Insert horrified screaming here*

What was your first experience with the occult, or do you remember little things that started to happen that made you think you knew more and could see more than the average person?

Miss Scarlett: I've been seeing ghosts since I was little... when I told my other friends one of them offered to take me to church so I didn't really talk about it. I get vibes going into houses, or walking by houses... sometimes I won't walk by certain houses. I have a friend whose dad's house had some major upheaval in it and I didn't really know until I walked into the hallway and just wanted to get the hell out. I've also been known to make electronics go haywire. In a lab I worked at there were days I couldn't use the electronic scales because my stress levels would make them go all over. With my last boyfriend there were a few fights when I turned the TV on and off and broke a few light bulbs. It's one of those things that people who don't believe me, after being around me, just learn to accept it. I was raised Catholic... now I'm a Wiccan with Catholic tendencies and it actually works out okay.

What do you want perspective clients to know?

Miss Scarlett: I work quickly, I'm very experienced, and I always give you five more questions to ask because when I read tarot its a lot of free writing and there are so many symbols and ideas and feelings flying around that I can't always put my finger on it, so your questions pin point those things I didn't get to grab at.

What are the different readings you offer and how does someone know which one to pick?

Miss Scarlett: I offer ones on decisions, guidance for the future, guidance to reaching your goals, and guidance for finding a solution. I do have more readings in my arsenal as well. Basically, after reading the instructions, if you just don't know, or if none of the readings fit what you're looking for CONVO ME. I'm very convo-able.

Do you wear a cape?

Miss Scarlett: HAHAHA! NO! Actually that's why I won't date a lot of other Wiccans... I don't really think that capes are necessary, stylish, or an indication of sanity. I had one when I was little, but it was more like a capelett and it had a muff to match! I was adorable, but that's a different cape situation. End point: I don't know Harry Potter, I don't want to dress like him, but I will read the books again.

Should people be afraid of the tarot or of psychics?

Miss Scarlett: Not really, but if you don't want to know, DON'T ASK! I get some of these questions like "what am I missing" or "why isn't stuff selling," and I'll read DEAD from the cards and then they get angry. If you don't want an honest reading go find Ezmeralda with a crystal ball. I don't charge money to bull shit. Bull shit should be free... unless your supplying for a gardener, then you should charge him for the bull shit, but enough about economics!

I am under the impression there are preferred ways to ask the tarot which will grant you better responses. Any advice on things people should ask or how they should ask them?

Miss Scarlett: Be concise on what you want to know. If you want something general ask something general (Are my boyfriend and I going to break up). If you want something specific ask something specific (Should I stop selling this item in my Etsy shop). If you need additional help you can always write me something long and drawn out and I'll help you figure out what reading and how many readings to purchase (I'm big on consolidation so I will not tell you to get two readings for a question that requires just one. It's redundant and stupid and a waste of my time and yours so I SWEAR I won't rip you off).

I have had many personal experiences with your long distance reading and know them to be mind blowingly accurate. Anything you wish to tell people that may doubt the accuracy or even possibility of such a thing?

Miss Scarlett: Give it a shot and try it. It's only five bucks and if anything you can laugh at it later. I won't be insulted. Besides, laughing is healthy. Laugh often.

What do you say to people who feel fortune telling should be a science and all predictions should come true?

Miss Scarlett: The future is finicky as hell. There are a billion forks in the road that you come to every day and there is NO way in hell that I, or anyone else, can accommodate that kind of random opportunity. This is why I call tarot readings GUIDANCE. I use this analogy on my shop: The future is never fixed. The future is like a spiderweb: If you pluck one thread, the entire web moves and changes. Cards can never give you THE answer, they can only point you in the right direction.

And finally, will I ever win the lottery?
Miss Scarlett: If I told you I'd have to kill you.

And there you have it. Hopefully in the future she'll give us some insights on how to become more intuitive ourselves. I know I could use sonar to track my keys in the morning.

Here is her shop if you want to drop by for a reading, I promise you won't be disappointed.