Sunday, January 25, 2009

Updates & New Items!

New year, new garb.

2009, only three years left to 2012? Better make 'em count!!

So first off I'd like to of course say thank you to every frequenter, buyer or peeping tom, of the House of Sugar. I'm closing in on 100 sales and it's been a hell of time. I can literally feel it getting better and better.

To any who stroll by here, you guys are cool. And consider yourselves VIP with the secret knowledge of when the next pop sale is. Normally I like to host random snag-a-thons on days like Halloween or New Years, or even just on the day when my coffee's the strongest. The next sale? Are you ready for it?


Will be on my birthday! If you do some sleuthing.. you'll be able to find out when that is on a particular Etsy page. Hey, I gatta make you rebels and dames work for it right?

I also wanted to mention my pure and utter seething hatred for the new postal prices. Normally, if postal stamps increase, they have to make an announcement. A little friend behind the counter informed me (while wearing what looked to be an obsessively pressed but stained suit with a name tag that was clearly NOT his. Yolanda? That's right. I'm ratting you out. Right here and now.) that if it is packages that increase? They don't owe you nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But YOU will owe them thousand and thousands of millions of dollars and a third of your soul. (Substitutions accepted. Whole souls of friends if you can trick some else to lend you theirs. You know, just for the ride to the quiki mart. You'll give it back, you promise.).

For the longest time I sat in procrastination and denial about this. Two of my favorite love/hate states. I figured it's Christmas capitalization! That's all it is. Wait until the mall rushes are over, and things will go back to the never fail $5.75+


Over the past few months, there has not been one package I've sent that has cost under 8! The largest/heaviest costs me $24! And the average cost is $12! And that's not including packing costs such as the boxes, ribbons, bubble wrap, tape, etc.

Sucky Mcsuckerstein.

So with regret, I am going to have to increase my prices. I really want to stick around to provide for your sugar sweet skully needs and the only way my books have been able to work around that is to actually cover the shipping costs. Besides being pretty, I'm sincerely sorry so naturally you have to accept my apologies and go on a spending spree!!! Hah ok, maybe not. But take it as consolation that the freebies with purchase will keep flowing and will get better than ever.

For the MVPs (AKA. those who are still reading thus far) here's another insider preview for yews. (Reminds me, post picture of funny tank ewes card. Hilarity).

One of the new items leading me into the New Year will be rear view mirror skulls and sacred hearts!!!!

Rockstar, Roadster, Rockabilly or Gangsta. Pimpness for hoopties and hotrods alike.

Rearview Skull #1
Shrunken Head Voodoo View
(What the turquoise, size and hot red eyes remind me of)

ALSO! And this is a big surprise announcement, I will soon be listing a new line of relic jewelry! Skulls, sugar skulls, diamond drops, faceted porcelain stones, spikes and of course some insanely cool pieces made from real relics. Expect those to be from Fleur DE Leis to this insanely cool antique lion from a European lady's boudoir. The history behind each will be explained in length and I can't wait to reveal them in Mid-Late February.

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