Friday, June 5, 2009

New Frames Going up For Sale at S&S this evening..

Some of the new frames going up this evening at S&S!

Golden Virtue

Zombie Heart

Foiled Again

There is also much news regarding one of my most favorite galleries in the U.S... but more will be announced later! Yes, I have to keep you in the waiting. But you'll like it wont you.

In order news (no puns intended): all have been fully caught up and finished. Even a few shipped earlier than announced as I opted for adding a new postal day today as opposed to waiting for Monday this week. Hopefully it will be a permanent addition but until things slow down I won't be positive that I can work it out. Now that everybody is out, I can focus on a few custom orders and some panels I have that I positioned to stare at me each morning. Some Antoinette Muertos paintings, some sacred heart paintings, some more galaxy paintings, so many I am fluttering even now thinking about getting to it. But! I can't say much more.. those close to me know of the stalker copiers I've had on my tail the last few years so until they are ready to list I can't give any more details! I'm sorry my pets but it's how it goes.

I also picked up a book today at the bookstore and with all this mention of Dali one might mistake me for a fanatatic. For good measure I should probably stop by a peepshow to balance out the culture.

Dali & I, written by a man who has made his life of Dali. Selling, buying, even money laundering as well as forgery in Dali and immitation Dali works. He found himself actually living next to the man in the artist's later life years in the Catalonian Hills. The book jacket talks about how he learned Dali's secret history, the studio of artists who produced his work and much more intimate details of the behaviours of Dali and many details the public isn't aware of. I hope it's not just talk of his rivalry and maddening jealousy of Picasso as that's a "secret" well published these days. Either way it looks like a good read! We'll find out...

And in looking for the book jacket image, apparently a movie comes out in 2011 with this same title as a companion to this very book. Even Pacino has signed on...

While I argue with those who say in all aspects Pacino is a poor choice, I think the one thing he has going for him is physically that's an actor I would buy in that role. Sure, there are definite differences but visually I can dig it. But can you imagine the dialogue? .... I'll give it a moment.. Although another necessary aspect they have in common is their... grittiness I'll say. Think of Pacino in all his roles, especially those not well known. This is an attribute he has fined tuned in bringing when a role calls for it. For any of you familiar with Dali beyond the work he did, it's very easy to see how Pacino could really bring across who and what the man was. All in all I'm pretty excited to see if they bring the justice most art films do not. I actually have very high hopes!

And to close, a great quote I found that can sum it all up:
George Orwell once remarked that ‘one ought to be able to hold in one’s head simultaneously the two facts: that DalĂ­ is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being, the one does not invalidate the other.’

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