Sunday, May 24, 2009

The meaning of handmade.

Pondering the meaning of handmade. My friend and partner in crime was recently interviewed for and among others was asked what handmade means to her. What it is? What is at the heart of this handmade movement?

Her answer:

"The handmade movement is so many things. When I got into school as a kid I was surprised at how many people didn’t wear clothes their parents made. Now I’m surprised at how many people just don’t know how to sew even a small seam together. The handmade movement is about self reliance, giving back to the community, reducing our carbon footprint, and finding something really unique. Bath and body products are actually good for our skin and don’t need to use alcohol or petroleum. Fiber artists, seamstresses, and quilters don’t throw anything away and recycle everything. Toy makers made toys that expand kids imaginations, batteries not included or even needed! Woodworkers can show off their talents and creativity without answering to anyone. Artists don’t have to know someone to get somewhere! The freedom and customizability of the handmade movement is something you can’t find in any department store or toy store or furniture store. You can only find it in the living rooms, studios, kitchens, and garages of the men and women in your community."

I agree, most notably with:

The handmade movement is about self reliance, giving back to the community, reducing our carbon footprint, and finding something really unique.

But I want to add a little bit to this genius.

To me the handmade movement is so much more than about being crafty and learning your way around a wood block or a glue gun. So much now that is mass produced and manufactured is strategically advertised to appeal to the sensibilitiesAdd Image of desperation, inadequacy and a false desire for things that we don't truly need but crave because of celebrity or well trained promoter influence. To me this movement is about getting back to the core of beauty and necessity. Answering for ourselves what we do and don't need and not for reasons of false fulfilment but because we truly love them. There is so much love put into handmade while there is so much greed put into the new toy with the "must have upgrade" that breaks within a week. This movement is about our individual pursuits, skills, talents and desires. There is nothing like creating something from nothing. Holding the finished product of what never was and now is sprouted from your imagination and mind. We can explore, we can do and we answer to ourselves and need no permission to do so. We provide and create and grow. It is about individuals in seed and then sprouted it is about the interconnectivity of those individuals. The movement is about no longer looking from without, but looking from and to within.

And you get to make kickass stuff you can't find anywhere else. That's always a bonus.

Just a midnight munchie for thought which should never be done under the influences. Well for me, for you all it's probably the best time since you all have a better chance of reading some real gems. But not this time you naughty monkies! (Yes, I seriously love that show. Call me a loser, I probably am for loving it but I laugh my ass off at least once per show. Sometimes twice ;) )

My friend and I were discussing the Dali quote "I am drugs" and when that same gal asked tonight how much wine I had to drink I responded with "I am wine." So there you have it.

What does the handmade movement mean to you?

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