Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling all Rockabilly Mamas & Bombshell Babes!

Sorry, gals only this time around!

So I have been itching to do another Sanctus Betty, but this time around the itching has been to incorporate some of the fellow Etsians. So here's the deal, if you've ever wanted an ORIGINAL self-portrait of yourself (hey, it's not self indulgant at all, you're sharing and immortalizing your hot self in rockabilly form.. and if it was? Well so what. I'm always narcissistic in the mornings) then send me your pics!!!
All it will cost is the materials and shipping, $50.00!

And you'll get an original painting like Miss Betty here:

Taken directly from your pictures. Totally customizable and despite the need for the recession sale, worth upwards of $400+. So let's do this! It's something I've been wanting to do for a while so if you're interested, email me those shots and let's get to work on the details!

Can't wait! Itch itch twitch twitch.


Kevin &Kimberly said...

I so wanna do that!
emailing you now for more details!

Eve said...

can you do best friends? i would love something like this for me of my best friend and myself ... will pay extra ....

Kevin &Kimberly said...

Oooh that's a cool idea Eve!

C.B. said...

Hey Eve! My love! How's the Benedict and mary treating you?

I left you a comment on your wicked blog... by the way let me know how that pX90 works out. I'm intrigued as hell. Check your comments!

I was also thinking about keeping the whole Sanctus theme and you can be two rockabilly marys looking to the sky!