Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Painting A' Day -- Speed Painting!

Like ultimate frisbee or demolition roller derby, I'm joining the ranks of the ultimate in the painting a'day sport. Combining speed and agility, alertness and extreme focal aptitude, a little blood and more sweat; Speed painting! So speed painting meets one a day... it's a... help me out here. I know there's a funny name in there somewhere.

For 100 days, one painting a day with a limit of five minutes or under. Once that timer dings, brushes down! So even more incentive since it's also a requirement to make public of these results. Yeah, I'm totally making up the rules as I go but still this is it so far. First rule of speedpaintingadayV100 is... no addendums. Ooh it's so like fight club.

Here's number 1/100:

Yes, they all start as silly lil' things but who knows what they will morph into? Imagination's run wild thinking about comparing one to one hundred. And a bit of pressure because we'll in all likelyhood we'll all probably end up watching a de-evolution here. Stay tuned folks!

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HotTaTasFaktory said...

It's beautiful, fantastic job ;D