Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Mini Paintings in Shop!

With many more to come. All four newly listed!
All handcrafted from start to finish including frames.

Live. Get out there and LIVE.
Sinner. Are you a sinner or a saint?
Thrive. Thrive, regardless of season or circumstance.
Saint. Are you a saint or a sinner?

Next up?


Medium Rectangle Filigree Frames measure 4" X 3" each.

And a photograph I took not five minutes ago. Two bees, complete mirrors of one another in flowers that mirrored each other. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately by the time I grabbed my camera, I got one shaded shot and spooked them. Even in this picture you can slightly see the right as he minics the left. Wouldn't these have been badass shots?

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Jordana Hawen said...

Love the new mini paintings! You rock!