Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yee-haw Muchachos! Kickin' it off with a BANG

Bang Bang!

So this is my first post and short of duct taping half my keyboard, I'm going to try to limit text and avoid rambling. I need to keep your interest without pictures of naked ladies or booze right? Let's save those for later.

So although this should be a blog about new beginnings, kindergarten introductions and nervous smiles I'm going to mix it up and just say Hi :) and make a few announcements instead.

I've been utterly consumed with custom orders which is so humbling, gives you that warm funny feeling and I can not thank everyone enough. All you dolls have such badass baby kickin’ ideas!!!

I've also been inundated with life and it's own debauchery and very dry sense of humor. I have FINALLY arrived back at my studio and was immediately football tackled with a foot to the mouth by my paints demanding to know where I've been.

I gave them all some cookies and got to work and now all seem to be pleased. For what it's worth the whole while I was utterly consumed with thoughts of getting back so I could work on orders. Hopefully soon, VERY SOON (10/6) I will list the customs along with some others including:

My Inked-Up Homegirl Packin' Heat! Oh My Sweet Mother Mary!

Just like my mermaid I have a million more themes I'm aching to test out. I choose to give this one a "Love/Hate" theme with blood, knuckle-duster, straight razor, teardop, etc. The next I'm thinking is a "Rock/Roll" Mother Mary with maybe an Elvis portrait and some music notes. Any thoughts?

I also wanted to make an announcement about hopefully proposing an upcoming holiday sale. I was pleased as punch to see a storque article regarding supporting handmade this holiday season. Not only to starve the machine but in these times of economic crisis, what better knowledge than to know in return for something exquisitely made with love you are giving directly to a real person feeling the pinch as much as we all are.

So that's all for now. I'm sure we'll get to know each other much better as the clock ticks on. Feel free to drop me a line, check out my etsy shop and send me off towards any cool blogs or shops as I love checking out new diggs.

Peace, love and chicken grease.
(Anyone else experience that flashback?)


Kevin &Kimberly said...


Look forward to your latest ramblings--which always give me a good chuckle! ;o)

Kim & Liv
Rock On!

Emerald Arts said...

Wow, you may have only one post but it's very well written and that Madonna is hot.

Emerald Arts said...

Wow, you may have only one post but it's very well written and that Madonna is hot.